I got the bright idea of starting this blog after finding out I will be in attendance at Super Bowl XLV in Dallas, TX.  I have no doubt this will be the trip of my lifetime.  I’m very fortunate and thankful for this incredible opportunity.  Big thanks to Mr. Jason LaCanfora for helping me realize this life long dream.

So if you don’t already know, my name is Kyle Cousineau and I’m a diehard Packer fan (sounds like an AA meeting).  I was born and raised in the wonderful city of Green Bay, WI and currently own a home that is less than 1 mile from the North end zone of Lambeau Field…hence the name of this blog.  Admittedly, I often take it for granted that I drive past Lambeau Field sometimes up to 6 times a day on my way to and from work.  But what I don’t take for granted is that I’m very lucky to call Green Bay my home.

If you’re looking for insight and X’s & O’s, you’re at the wrong blog.  If you’re looking for a few laughs (hopefully) and my running diary of my trip leading up to, being at, and coming home from Super Bowl XLV then you’re at the right spot.

You can follow me on Twitter or find me on Facebook if you would like.

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