Packers Super Bowl DVD Premiere

Last night I was lucky enough to be one a few hundred Packer fans to see a special early premiere of the NFL Films Packers Super Bowl DVD.  Thanks to WNFL 1440am and the “Maino & Nick” show for the 2 tickets to the event.

My friend Tom Knigge and I made our way down by the Meyer Theater on Washington St. in downtown Green Bay.  Rather than wait outside in a very long line, we headed into Caffe Espresso for a couple cocktails.  Once the line started moving in Tom made our way into the theater to the Will Call window.  Once we got our tickets we made our way to the nearest bar, obviously, and ran into former Packer & current Director of Player Development Rob Davis.  He, along with numerous other Packer dignitaries, including Mark Murphy, were also in attendance.  The rumor was they were going to have someone from every Packers Super Bowl winning team in attendance that night.  I can’t verify or deny this was the case, because Tom and I were relegated to the Upper Level.

As the night started, our emcee for the evening was introduced.  Super Bowl XXXI MVP Desmond Howard came out on stage.  He began by introducing three men from NFL Films that were in charge of the DVD.  David Plaut, Senior Producer, spoke first about how NFL Films had 26 different cameras at the Super Bowl and it was their biggest production to date.  Todd Schmidt & Chris Weaver, Co-Producers, also spoke and talked about how there was enough film shot during the playoffs by NFL Films that they could lay it end-to-end and would run from Chicago and back.

After the NFL Films crew was on stage Desmond then introduced the evening’s very special guest.  Donald Driver, Greg Jennings, James Jones, and Mike McCarthy all came on stage.  Driver spoke very briefly about how special it was to make the run to the Super Bowl with all things considered (injuries) and how it was awesome to bring the Lombardi Trophy “home”.

When the lights dimmed and the crowd quieted down, the film finally began.  I’m not going to rehash the entire film, because I did that enough last night here (scroll down on my Timeline).  I will say this.  The film is incredible.  It is an absolute must see for all Packer fans.   It is absolutely phenomenal to sit back and watch the highlights of the 2010 Packers season.  If you’re a Packer fan, order this DVD.  You will not be sorry.

The evening's emcee, Super Bowl XXXI MVP Desmond Howard, and me


James Jones, Greg Jennings, Donald Driver, and Coach McCarthy on stage at the Meyer

Packers President Mark Murphy and Me (don't mind the look on his face)

The Meyer Theater in all its' glory

Donald Driver w/ the crew from WIXX: Murphy, Maino, and Katie

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