Super Bowl Recap – Day 3 (Part I)

All week, leading up to the Super Bowl I kept thinking to myself, Sunday can’t get here fast enough.  But when that alarm went off on Sunday at 9:00 am all I wanted was a couple more hours of sleep.  Being that our Saturday night lasted until 4:00am Sunday morning, an hour or two more of sleep seemed very appealing.  But by the time I got out of the shower I was ready to roll.

When it comes to Packers games I am very superstitious.  If I go to a game at Lambeau and the Packers win, I’ll wear the same shirt for next week’s game.  If by chance they lose, you’ll find me wearing a different shirt the next week.  So for the five games leading up to the Super Bowl (Giants, Bears, Eagles, Falcons, and Bears again) I wore the same Packers hat, Packers shirt, and Packers belt buckle.  So needless to say, I got geared up in said attire and was ready for the Super Bowl.

By 10:00am our ride was there to pick Joey, Scott, and myself up.  We made arrangements the night before for our cab driver to pick us up because we knew it would be a nightmare trying to get around the “Metroplex”.  The cab dropped us off right at my brother’s hotel, where we were just a few hours before.  We started Sunday morning where we ended Saturday night…Humperdink’s.  Walking into that place with a clear head was a lot better than stumbling out of it after a 12+ hour bender.

I had a strategy for Super Bowl Sunday.  I was going to limit my alcohol intake.  I know.  Seems hard to believe.  My reason: I didn’t want to get black out drunk and not remember the game itself.  I also didn’t want to be running to the restroom every 20 minutes after I “broke the seal”.  So as the rest of the crowd was ordering up Bloody Mary’s and Screwdrivers I was sticking with water.

Around 12:00pm my brother, Joe, Scott, and I took off towards the stadium.  We had plans to meet up our friend Pat Hoeft, whose family was tailgating about a 1/2 mile from Cowboys Stadium.  Along the way I ran into David Gutzman, who is cousins with a girl I went to high school with.  David lives in Dallas and he was one of the 1st people I reached out to for some advice on where to stay and how to get around.  We had talked earlier in the week about meeting up but just couldn’t make it happen on Saturday.  I was happy when I randomly ran into him in a parking lot and was able to have at least one beer with him.  It was nice to see a familiar face in Arlington, TX.

When we got up to the Hoeft tailgate party, the aroma made me feel like I was home.  Pat was grilling some brats and had a pot of Chili John’s going on the grill as well.  The Packer tunes were playing, the beers were flowing, and everyone was amped for the game.  Pat’s uncle lives in the Dallas area and was able to secure a parking spot outside of a business complex that was located very close to Cowboys Stadium.  I didn’t partake in any of the food because I had my own little tailgate party to attend.  We sat around with them for about a half hour before my brother and I took off towards the stadium.  I had to meet up with Don and my brother was bound and determined to find a ticket scalper.

As we walked toward the stadium we saw a number of Packer fans, Steeler fans, and even Cowboys fans, out tailgating.  The scene was something to behold.  But one thing that stood out to me more so than any other.  Almost every Cowboy fan we saw yelled out “Go Pack Go!” as we walked by.  It seemed a little strange to have the Cowboys fans pulling for us.  But as one fan told me, “You guys got Wade Phillips fired!”.  As a Packer fan I could do nothing but smile as I thought back to that 45-7 drubbing at Lambeau Field.  But you could argue that the Cowboys being the underachievers they are is what got Wade Phillips.  But I wasn’t there to argue with Cowboys fans.  That’s for damn sure.

For the first time in my life I did not mind being around Cowboys fans.

Check back later for Part II of my Super Bowl Sunday recap.

One response to “Super Bowl Recap – Day 3 (Part I)

  1. Any post that works in “broke the seal” is golden in my book. Nicely done.

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