A Little Bit More “About” Me – Part II

When I started high school in the fall of 1994, the Packers were on the up-swing.  Bob Harlan, Ron Wolf, and Mike Holmgren were in the process of leading the Packers back to the glory.  Brett Favre, Reggie White, and Leroy Butler were implanting their names amongst the Packer legends.

My sophomore year the Packers lost a heart-breaking NFC Championship game to the Dallas Cowboys.  As tough as it was to stomach that game, Packers fans knew their team would be back and even better the next season.  That season was filed with many highlights, including Brett Favre winning his 1st NFL MVP award and Reggie White having another All Pro season.

The 1996 season was absolutely magical.  As we all know, the Packers went on to beat the New England Patriots to win Super Bowl XXXI.  I’m not here to rehash that game and tell you what happened or give you an old play-by-play.  What I will tell you is that night, January 26, 1997, was the best night of my life…to date.  I watched the game at my parent’s house and cheered on the Packers to victory with a number of their friends.  Almost immediately after the Vince Lombardi Trophy presentation was over, the house phone was ringing and I was piling into a friends’ car and we were on our way to Lambeau Field.  I will take memories of that night with me to my grave.  I don’t know if I have ever had as much fun as I did that night.  That night, along with the next days’ “Return to Titletown” celebration at Lambeau, are near and dear to my heart.  The fact that the Green Bay School District shut down school the next day for the parade and celebration at Lambeau Field tells you what that game meant to our fair city.

(For the record I refuse to talk about the 1997 season and subsequent Super Bowl XXXII loss to the Broncos because I hate John Elway.  And along withthat it always seems like ESPN plays that “Greatest Games” episode on that game whenever I am in a bad mood.)

As I got a little older, and started making some money, I started going to Packer games a lot more often.  When I was growing up I only got to 1 or 2 games a year if I was lucky.  Our family does not have season tickets, so I had to rely on my dad taking me or one of my friends inviting me along.  Whenever my dad was able to get tickets he always rotated who he took, me or my brother.  It wasn’t until the year 2000 or 2001 that I decided I didn’t want to miss a home game at Lambeau Field any more.  I have been very fortunate since then to almost always find someone will to sell me a ticket or give me a ticket.  Some of the people whom I’ve met on Twitter have asked me what my favorite games have been.  That is a post idea for a later date.  Without really thinking about it and going through old ticket stubs I’d hate like hell to leave one out.

This pretty much leads me up to today.  I have so many great memories from times I’ve spent at Lambeau Field that it would be nearly impossible to put them all on paper…or on a computer screen for that matter.  Writing this post has given me a couple of ideas for future posts, so keep checking back throughout the week for more ramblings from me.

And once again…find me on Twitter at @KCousineau09 or look me up on Facebook.

Kyle Cousineau

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