A Minor Hiccup…perhaps

So yesterday I received some unfortunate news.  When I booked my flight to Dallas this week I made my reservation to arrive into DFW on Friday evening.  I did so because I knew Saturday was going to be a hectic day with having to venture into downtown Dallas to meet up with Jason LaCanfora.  My friend Scott, who lives in the border city of McAllen, TX, planned on driving up on Friday and meeting me when I arrive.  The original plan was to get situated at the hotel and check out the town.  But that changed.  Scott received word yesterday morning from him supervisor that he no longer has Friday off because they’re short-staffed.  Sucks for him, but at least he’s off on Saturday and Sunday to enjoy the big game.

As of now, I’m flying solo on Friday night…so it appears.  I’m going to be on the prowl for Packer fans to have a few beverages with.  I’ve been in contact with the fine folks of CheeseheadTV (Corey & Brian) and The Packers Lounge (Alex & Jayme) and there are tentative plans to get together at a local saloon (lame Texas reference…I know).

So if you know of any fun bars in the area around the Cowboys Stadium please let me know.  I would greatly appreciate any help.

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Go Pack!!

UPDATE:  I received a text message from my buddy Scott last night and it looks like I won’t be flying solo on Friday night.  His boss approved a “switch” on the schedule so we’re good to go…not that anyone cares or was even worried.

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