Packers Super Bowl DVD Premiere

Last night I was lucky enough to be one a few hundred Packer fans to see a special early premiere of the NFL Films Packers Super Bowl DVD.  Thanks to WNFL 1440am and the “Maino & Nick” show for the 2 tickets to the event.

My friend Tom Knigge and I made our way down by the Meyer Theater on Washington St. in downtown Green Bay.  Rather than wait outside in a very long line, we headed into Caffe Espresso for a couple cocktails.  Once the line started moving in Tom made our way into the theater to the Will Call window.  Once we got our tickets we made our way to the nearest bar, obviously, and ran into former Packer & current Director of Player Development Rob Davis.  He, along with numerous other Packer dignitaries, including Mark Murphy, were also in attendance.  The rumor was they were going to have someone from every Packers Super Bowl winning team in attendance that night.  I can’t verify or deny this was the case, because Tom and I were relegated to the Upper Level.

As the night started, our emcee for the evening was introduced.  Super Bowl XXXI MVP Desmond Howard came out on stage.  He began by introducing three men from NFL Films that were in charge of the DVD.  David Plaut, Senior Producer, spoke first about how NFL Films had 26 different cameras at the Super Bowl and it was their biggest production to date.  Todd Schmidt & Chris Weaver, Co-Producers, also spoke and talked about how there was enough film shot during the playoffs by NFL Films that they could lay it end-to-end and would run from Chicago and back.

After the NFL Films crew was on stage Desmond then introduced the evening’s very special guest.  Donald Driver, Greg Jennings, James Jones, and Mike McCarthy all came on stage.  Driver spoke very briefly about how special it was to make the run to the Super Bowl with all things considered (injuries) and how it was awesome to bring the Lombardi Trophy “home”.

When the lights dimmed and the crowd quieted down, the film finally began.  I’m not going to rehash the entire film, because I did that enough last night here (scroll down on my Timeline).  I will say this.  The film is incredible.  It is an absolute must see for all Packer fans.   It is absolutely phenomenal to sit back and watch the highlights of the 2010 Packers season.  If you’re a Packer fan, order this DVD.  You will not be sorry.

The evening's emcee, Super Bowl XXXI MVP Desmond Howard, and me


James Jones, Greg Jennings, Donald Driver, and Coach McCarthy on stage at the Meyer

Packers President Mark Murphy and Me (don't mind the look on his face)

The Meyer Theater in all its' glory

Donald Driver w/ the crew from WIXX: Murphy, Maino, and Katie

You know what sucks?

Well there is a couple of things actually.  First, it sucks that WI Governor Scott Walker basically swooped into the limelight and stole the Packers glory from the media headlines.  In my eyes the Packers Super Bowl victory should still be front page news.  Not the political bias that is going on in Madison.  I’m not going to share my views on it, because this is by no means a political post, but I realized this last night. 

I was out for my traditional Thursday night beverages with a friend and the majority of our conversation was about what was going on in Madison.  He’s the one that brought this idea to my attention.  We basically had one week to celebrate the Packers victory, and then those of us who live in Wisconsin were blindsided by Gov. Walker’s bright idea.  I can’t remember who said it on Twitter, but someone had a great idea.  They said “no major political decisions can be made within 6-months of a Packers Super Bowl win so we can soak it all in”.  Brilliant idea to me.

You what else sucks?  The pending lockout in the NFL.  Once again, I’m not going to get into which side is “right or wrong”, but this is my opinion as a resident of the great city of Green Bay, WI.  The lockout sucks because it could lead to a delayed start to the 2011 NFL season, or God forbid, the cancellation of the entire season. 

 It sucks because the Packers Super Bowl victory is going to be a huge boost to our local economy.  You could argue that the Packers popularity is at the highest point it’s been at since the mid-90’s, if not higher.  If there is a shortened season, the city of Green Bay will be cheated out of reaping the benefits of it all.  In my opinion, Packers training camp could potentially see all time highs for the number of people attending those practices.  And not everyone there will be from the Green Bay area.  Most of those people will be coming from out-of-town.  And some of those people will be spending more than a day or two in town to watch practice.  The stores, restaurants, hotels, and bars will all suffer because of the lockout. 

As a small business owner in the Green Bay area, this bothers me.  I know how hard people work in our area to make ends meet.  People that work around Lambeau Field rely on the Packers season (training camp and the regular season) to earn a living.  If the season is delayed, shortened, or cancelled they won’t be able to rely on that money.  And that sucks.  I’ve worked in the service industry for 10+ years.  I’ve relied on making tips.  I know what it’s like to scramble to pick up shifts from co-workers because money was tight at the end of the month.  It’s not a pleasant feeling. 

My hope is that the NFL owners and the NFLPA come to their senses and hammer out a deal before the season is delayed.  I don’t know if it’s realistic to think a deal can be agreed upon before the March 4th deadline.  I do however think that something can get done before training camp is supposed to begin at the end of July.  Here’s hoping the they can agree on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement so the City of Green Bay, and Packer fans, can enjoy everything that is supposed to go along with winning a Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Recap – Day 3 (Part II)

When I got up to stadium I finally realized what the hype was all about.  Now I’m not a complete idiot, obviously the Super Bowl is a big deal.  I expected long lines and a ridiculous amount of people to be around.  One thing was definitely missing though.  Tailgating.  For whatever reason Jerry Jones and the NFL didn’t want anyone tailgating in the stadium parking lots.  Most of the areas were fenced off for the dozens of production trucks and satellite dishes.  Not a huge deal, but my biggest complaint prior to the game was trying to find someone who I could ask where I had to go.  From what I understood there were 4 main gates to enter the stadium.  But I had to find a private entrance for the NFL Tailgate Party.  I walked around for what seemed like forever before I finally heard some dude yelling into a megaphone about the party.  Finally I found my destination.

Now most people in attendance at the Super Bowl complained about the ridiculously long lines and having to go through security once or twice.  My line wasn’t too bad.  It took me about 45 minutes to get up to security.  I was sort of amazed that going through security here was just like going through a security line at the airport…and I’m not talking Austin Straubel.  After taking everything out of my pockets, a quick pat-down without the complimentary reach-around, and I was good to go.

When I met up with Don, Jason LaCanfora’s buddy who I would be sitting with, we both were in the same boat.  He wasn’t going to be drinking a lot because he was partied out, and I wasn’t going to drink because I didn’t want to be running to the bathroom every 10 minutes.  We walked around for a bit and became acclimated with the setup.  I was in complete awe of this place.  Easily the largest tent I have ever seen.  It was incredible.  They had at least 15 to 20 different bars set up where you could get beer or any type of mixed drink you wanted…for free.  We made our way to the stage where Keith Urban was playing.  Now I’m not the biggest country music fan in the world, but this was pretty damn cool.  It got me a little pumped up and in the mood, so I decided to break down and have a couple of beers.  I couldn’t pass this up.  After Keith Urban got done playing Don and I made our way around to check out the food situation.  This again was amazing.  There were countless food booths set up and you could just walk up and help yourself.  Again, for free.  We were both in heaven.

As a side note, while we were walking around we ran into Adam Duritz, lead singer of the Counting Crows.  Ironic thing about that is earlier in the week he had Tweeted that he was going to be in Dallas to cheer on fellow Cal Bear, Aaron Rodgers.  I sent him a Tweet saying “And I will see you down there and will get a picture with you”.  Sure enough.  I did just that. (Proof coming in the next post, which will have numerous pictures of the weekend)

Around 4pm we finally made our way into Cowboys Stadium.  Don and I both wanted to get in early enough so we could find our seats and watch some of the pregame.  Good decision.  The place was absolutely packed inside.  Now I didn’t realize it until we got inside, but our tickets were for club seats.  The club seat concourse was pretty swank.  I said it before, but it was nicer than most restaurants or hotels that we have in Green Bay.  I know, that’s not saying much.  I thought the biggest benefit of being in the club seats was having not having a line for the bathrooms.  It was magnificent.  Unlike Lambeau Field, we had zero wait.

Fast forward to just before kickoff, and after Christina Aguilera botched the National Anthem, and it was finally hitting me.  I looked at Don and said “I could f–king puke right now!”  He was a little worried that I actually was, but I held it back.  I was more nervous for that than anything in my life.  It was an odd feeling.

Much like the Packer and Steelers, I need the first few series to calm my nerves as well.  But suddenly all hell broke loose.  When Aaron Rodgers hit Jordy Nelson for the 1st score of the game I lost it.  Every Packer fan around me got a hug and/or a high-five from me whether they wanted it or not.  Personal highlight for me: they played Todd Rundgren’s hit “Bang On The Drum” after the TD.  And then, out of nowhere it seemed, the Packers scored again.  This time on Nick Collins’ beautiful interception return for a touchdown.  14-0 Packers?  I was going so crazy at this point you would have thought the game was over.  In my head I was thinking “Dagger?  Already?”.  But that wasn’t to be…obviously.

By halftime I was sweating like a pig because I was so fired up/nervous.  I walked around the stadium concourse for a bit to get some fresh air.  In the concourse I ran into my buddies Billy Duranceau from Green Bay and Bobby Kraft from Milwaukee.  Talked with them for a bit and tried to make plans to meet up after the game (which didn’t work out).  I got back to my seats just as Slash was coming out with the Black Eyed Peas.  The halftime show was pretty cool to see.  1,000 dancers on the field in these crazy suits that lit up was awesome to see.  I know a lot of people thought the halftime show sucked, but I thought it sounded fairly decent.

The 2nd half was a little nerve-racking.  Packers started off with a punt then the Steelers scored a TD.  Packers punted again, and then the Steelers kicked a field goal.  It was 21-17 going into the 4th quarter and the puking sensation was back.  After being up 21-3 to start the game I though this game was in the bag.  I should have known better.  Thankfully Aaron had enough faith in Jordy that he kept going back to him on crucial downs.  And luckily for us Packers fans Jordy came up huge.

After Mason Crosby kicked his only field goal of the day I went into super quiet mode.  I could barely stand to watch the Steelers final possession.  I sat in my chair and rocked back and forth because I couldn’t handle it.  I could not take my eyes off of Ben Roethlisberger as he dropped back to pass.

1st and 10…pass complete to Heath Miller for a 1st down.  No big deal.

1st and 10..pass completed to Hines Ward for 5 yards.  Okay, clock is running….tick, tick, tick, tick.

2nd and 5…Ben drops back and throws an incomplete pass.  Okay…that’s alright.  Clock is stopped, but at least 3rd down is coming up.

3rd and 5…Ben drops back to throw again.  Oh my God.  It’s incomplete.  4th down coming up.

Now at this point I could not be silent anymore.  I made sure every single Packer fan in my section was standing up and screaming as loud as they could.  I was not going to go out with my hands on my lap and not making a noise.

“Fourth down and five, ball on the thirty-three”.  Holy crap.  By the way, that puking sensation…yeah it was back.

As Roethlisberger dropped back to pass on 4th down I just stood there.  This time I wasn’t watching him.  This time I was looking downfield.  From my vantage point I could see the entire field and what the coverage looked like.  As I realized everyone was covered I scanned back to Big Ben, he was going to throw.  He threw it in the direction of Mike Wallace and the pass was incomplete. Tramon Williams was there on the coverage and knocked the ball away from Mike Wallace!  Hell yes!

Then it hit me.  The Green Bay Packers just won the Super Bowl.  If you were wearing green and gold at this point, you were getting another hug from me.  As the team rushed the field I couldn’t help but think about my pops.  Super Bowl Sunday (February 6th) was his birthday.  I wished he could have been there with me to witness this unbelievable experience.  He was the one that took me to my first number of games.  He was the one that gave me the green light to ride my bike to Lambeau Field every day in the Summer when I was just 10 years old.  He was the one who helped mold me to become the Packers fan that I am today.  And for the record, I sat in my seat and cried like a little baby as the confetti was raining down on the field.  I couldn’t help it, and nor did I care.  I guarantee I wasn’t the only one with tears in their eyes.  I stood there and watched the players celebrate and it dawned on me.  I needed to get down to the 1st level.

I ran out of my section and found the nearest stairwell.  I cruised downstairs, past security guards yelling at me, and made my way to Section 110.  I was looking for my friend Pat Hoeft.  I knew he was down there somewhere.  Finally saw him and gave him the biggest hug ever.  At this point I was so happy to be celebrating with someone who I knew.  We did it.

Super Bowl Champion.  It has such a beautiful ring to it, doesn’t it?

Super Bowl Recap – Day 3 (Part I)

All week, leading up to the Super Bowl I kept thinking to myself, Sunday can’t get here fast enough.  But when that alarm went off on Sunday at 9:00 am all I wanted was a couple more hours of sleep.  Being that our Saturday night lasted until 4:00am Sunday morning, an hour or two more of sleep seemed very appealing.  But by the time I got out of the shower I was ready to roll.

When it comes to Packers games I am very superstitious.  If I go to a game at Lambeau and the Packers win, I’ll wear the same shirt for next week’s game.  If by chance they lose, you’ll find me wearing a different shirt the next week.  So for the five games leading up to the Super Bowl (Giants, Bears, Eagles, Falcons, and Bears again) I wore the same Packers hat, Packers shirt, and Packers belt buckle.  So needless to say, I got geared up in said attire and was ready for the Super Bowl.

By 10:00am our ride was there to pick Joey, Scott, and myself up.  We made arrangements the night before for our cab driver to pick us up because we knew it would be a nightmare trying to get around the “Metroplex”.  The cab dropped us off right at my brother’s hotel, where we were just a few hours before.  We started Sunday morning where we ended Saturday night…Humperdink’s.  Walking into that place with a clear head was a lot better than stumbling out of it after a 12+ hour bender.

I had a strategy for Super Bowl Sunday.  I was going to limit my alcohol intake.  I know.  Seems hard to believe.  My reason: I didn’t want to get black out drunk and not remember the game itself.  I also didn’t want to be running to the restroom every 20 minutes after I “broke the seal”.  So as the rest of the crowd was ordering up Bloody Mary’s and Screwdrivers I was sticking with water.

Around 12:00pm my brother, Joe, Scott, and I took off towards the stadium.  We had plans to meet up our friend Pat Hoeft, whose family was tailgating about a 1/2 mile from Cowboys Stadium.  Along the way I ran into David Gutzman, who is cousins with a girl I went to high school with.  David lives in Dallas and he was one of the 1st people I reached out to for some advice on where to stay and how to get around.  We had talked earlier in the week about meeting up but just couldn’t make it happen on Saturday.  I was happy when I randomly ran into him in a parking lot and was able to have at least one beer with him.  It was nice to see a familiar face in Arlington, TX.

When we got up to the Hoeft tailgate party, the aroma made me feel like I was home.  Pat was grilling some brats and had a pot of Chili John’s going on the grill as well.  The Packer tunes were playing, the beers were flowing, and everyone was amped for the game.  Pat’s uncle lives in the Dallas area and was able to secure a parking spot outside of a business complex that was located very close to Cowboys Stadium.  I didn’t partake in any of the food because I had my own little tailgate party to attend.  We sat around with them for about a half hour before my brother and I took off towards the stadium.  I had to meet up with Don and my brother was bound and determined to find a ticket scalper.

As we walked toward the stadium we saw a number of Packer fans, Steeler fans, and even Cowboys fans, out tailgating.  The scene was something to behold.  But one thing that stood out to me more so than any other.  Almost every Cowboy fan we saw yelled out “Go Pack Go!” as we walked by.  It seemed a little strange to have the Cowboys fans pulling for us.  But as one fan told me, “You guys got Wade Phillips fired!”.  As a Packer fan I could do nothing but smile as I thought back to that 45-7 drubbing at Lambeau Field.  But you could argue that the Cowboys being the underachievers they are is what got Wade Phillips.  But I wasn’t there to argue with Cowboys fans.  That’s for damn sure.

For the first time in my life I did not mind being around Cowboys fans.

Check back later for Part II of my Super Bowl Sunday recap.

Super Bowl Recap – Day 2 (Part II)

When we got to Sherlock’s Baker St. Pub in Arlington I knew I was at the right bar.  The place was wall-to-wall with Packers fans.  As we got there the fan rally hosted by WDUZ The Fan 107.5FM out of Green Bay was just wrapping up.  It was good to see Bill & Rookie (morning hosts on WDUZ) outside of their normal element and mingling with the crowd.

The crowd was a mixture of people from all over the world.  I met some fans that came in all the way from Australia for the game.  Unbelievable that the numbers of fans that the Packers have really does reach to all corners of the globe.

Sherlock’s Baker St. Pub

Aside from talking to a lot of random fans, I also met up with a handful of Green Bay locals.  We planned on meeting up with some of them, and others were unsuspected.  Either way, we had a blast.  Props to Mike, Andy, Johnny, Chris, Matt, Jesse, Stacy, Marie, and Julie for making the trip to Dallas for the big game.  I’m glad I got to share such an awesome experience with other people from Green Bay.

Most of my evening at Sherlock’s was spent in the back room hanging out with the crew from CheeseheadTV.  These guys organized a Packer fan get together otherwise known as a “TweetUp”.  Hanging out with this crew was a blast.  I’m friends with all of them on either Twitter or Facebook and it was awesome to finally meet them all.  Brian Carriveau, Corey Behnke, Jayme Joers, Alex Tallitsch, “Jersey Al” Bracco, and Steve “The Owner” Tate all showed up in full force.  The stories told that night were phenomenal. 

Steve “The Owner” Tate, “Jersey Al” Bracco, and me at Sherlock’s (photo courtesy of Corey Behnke)

Shortly after Midnight I realized I was flying solo at Sherlock’s.  My brother and the rest of my crew left me behind as they moved onto the next bar.  I hitched a ride to Humperdink’s in Arlington.  They decided on this place because it was right across the parking lot from my brother’s hotel.  I arrived and was pleasantly surprised with this place.  There was a bigger mixture of Packer & Steeler fans and the DJ was playing to both crowds.  He was playing songs that both fan bases appreciated as their teams’ songs.  Also at Humperdink’s we met up with the rest of our crew.  By now the 9 of us were together.  My brother Aaron, Scott & Chad Wyman, Scott Schoen, Joe VandenBerg, Ryan McCormick, Justin & Josh Wisneski, and myself finally got together after flight delays and all sorts of other mishaps.  Once we got together the beers and shots were flowing. 

Unfortunately for us Humperdink’s had to close at 2am.  Friggin’ lame Texas laws.  Scott, Joe, and myself jumped into a cab and headed back to Grand Prairie while the other 6 stumbled across the parking lot to their hotel.  As much as we all wanted to continue our drunken stupor, we knew it was best we stop when we did.  Because we had to wake up the next day to cheer on our Packers in the SUPER BOWL!!!

Super Bowl Recap – Day 2 (Part I)

One week ago today I was having the time of my life.

I know it’s been awhile, but I’ve needed this time to decompress and sit back and reflect.

Saturday morning started off bright and early.  Luckily for me I have a unique ability to drink a copious amounts of beer and not being hung over the next day.  After finally going to bed around 4:30am, I popped right out of bed on Saturday morning when the alarm went off at 9:15am.  Why so early, you might ask? Scott and I had to make a quick trip to the Dallas/Fort Worth airport to pick up Joe, who was flying in from Indianapolis.

As a side note, our drive to DFW only took us about 20 minutes that morning.  A lot better than what I had to endure the night before.

After picking up Joe, we headed our way to downtown Dallas.  I had to meet up with Jason LaCanfora at the Sheraton downtown.  This place was media headquarters during Super Bowl week.  It was the home of “Radio Row” and also was the sight of numerous live TV segments from ESPN, FOX, and the NFL Network.  After waiting in the lobby for a little while, we finally met up with Jason.  He handed me a Super Bowl ticket, an invitation to the official NFL tailgate party, and an invite to the official NFL post-game party.  Needless to say, I was in heaven.  For the 10 or 11 days before getting to Dallas it didn’t seem real like I was going to the big game.  But once I had that ticket it in my hand it hit me.  I was going to the freaking Super Bowl.

Also when we were at the Sheraton I met the guy who was going to have to deal with me on Sunday.  Jason’s friend Don was going to be sitting next to me and putting up with my nerves, excitement, and constant screaming. Don is from Detroit and is a Lions season ticket holder…poor guy.  He’s a police officer and also works security for the Detroit Red Wings.  I knew right then and there he and I would get along.

We left Dallas and made our way back to the Arlington area.  We had to grab some lunch, drop off Joe’s stuff at our hotel, and make our way to a local bar to meet up with everyone else.

For lunch we settled on a BBQ joint called Bone Daddy’s in Arlington.  The Texas-style BBQ was out of this world, the beers were cold, and the scenery was top-notch.  Seated next to us were a couple of guys from New England that were in town for the game as well.  Neither had a rooting interest in Super Bowl XLV but they were just as excited to be there as we were.

After lunch we headed back to the hotel with full stomachs and a serious hankering to party with Packer fans.  By this time my brother had landed in Dallas and we agreed to meet at Sherlock’s Baker St. Pub in Arlington, which was about a mile from Cowboys Stadium.  We called a taxi, begrudgingly, and headed in that direction.

Walking up to that bar I knew we were in for a treat.  The music was blaring from a bar filled with Packer fans.  Once again, I knew I was in for a great time.

Super Bowl Recap – Night 1

My trip to Dallas started off a little dicey, but once I got to my hotel it got a lot better.

When I landed in Dallas and grabbed my luggage from the baggage claim I had to somehow find a taxi to get to my hotel.  As I found out earlier in the week, there was a major taxi driver strike in Dallas the week of the Super Bowl.  Not all drivers were striking, but from what I understand there were a huge amount of them that were.  So when I made my way to the taxi stand, I had to fight through the masses to talk to someone about getting a ride to Grand Prairie, where I was staying.  As my luck had it, I got thrown into a cab with a Steeler fan.  This guys wasn’t the worst, but I didn’t need to hear every single detail about his last 3 ex-girlfriends.  What I thought was going to be a relatively easy ride turned out to be a nightmare.

Before I got to Dallas I searched on Google Maps how far it was from the airport to my hotel.  15.5 miles.  Seemed easy enough.  Well that was before the Dallas/Fort Worth area got hit with Wisconsin-like Winter weather.  That 15.5 mile ride turned into an hour and 30 minute ride from hell, complete with wrong turns and 10 mph speeds on the highway.  My cab driver, although a nice guy, had no clue how to drive on wet roads, let alone slippery roads.  He was convinced the roads were covered in ice, even though my 15 years of driving in this type of weather knew they were not.  I offered to take control of the taxi if he wanted to pullover but he was not too fond of that idea.  Any and all conversation between he and I pretty much stopped at that point.  I guess I offended him.

When I got to the Super 8 in Grand Prairie, over an hour late mind you, my buddy Scott Schoen was waiting for me.  Scott lives in McAllen, TX which is about 8 hours South of Dallas.  The lady working the front desk wasn’t much of a help when I asked her if there were any taverns in a close distance to the hotel that we could visit because we were both hungry…and thirsty.  Her response, “There’s a Buffalo Wild Wings down the block”.  Now I didn’t travel all the way to Dallas to drink at a BWW’s, but we had no choice.  We bellied up there and were happy to see late night happy hour (23 oz. draft beers for $3) when we walked in.  Our bartender was quite shocked when my 1st beer was done in about 2 minutes.  I was on a mission.  We sat there until they were ready to close (1 am) and made our way to another “neighborhood bar”….Applebee’s.  Freaking Applebee’s.  At this point I was wondering what the hell I got myself into.

Although I was very apprehensive, Applebee’s turned out to be a really good time.  This wasn’t like any Applebee’s I have ever been in.  This place was actually busy and had loud music playing.  There were a good amount of young people hanging out and having a good time.  Scott and I made ourselves at home with some more tap beers and a shot or two.  As luck would have it we met a fellow diehard Packer fan.  This guy, Terry from Tomah, WI, was hilarious.  He was quite loaded and loved the fact that Scott and I were from Green Bay.  He told his life story about how he moved to Texas in 1981 and tries to make it back to Wisconsin a couple of times a year.  He bought Scott and I a few beers and pleaded with us to meet him for a few more on Saturday afternoon.  His local tavern of choice, KG’s in Mansfield, is a “Packer bar” and is owned by a guy from somewhere in Wisconsin.  He was proud of the fact that this bar serves PBR, Dr. McGillicudy’s, and cheese curds.  His invitation became a little creepy as he insisted we come and drink with  him because, in his words, “My Uncle Roger is paying the tab tomorrow.  That cheap son-of-a-bitch walked out on his tab at Bone Daddy’s and I’m going to get him back tomorrow”.   Thankfully for us it was time to head back to the hotel as they made last call.

Before actually making it back to the hotel we tried our hardest to try to convince the nice guy at the Valero gas station into selling us beer at 2:30am.  Wellingtone, the gas station employee, was not buying it.  Scott even tried to use his own form of scare tactics, which involved him using his job title (which I will not divulge), to try to get beer.  Wellingtone wasn’t having that either.  So we settled for a couple Gatorades and a gas station hot dog as we headed back to the Super 8.

My first night in Texas was in the books.  We had to sleep fast, because we had to be up bright and early to head back up to DFW to pick up the next member of our group at 9:30am.